Elemental Cafe

Why we love it

Formerly a pop-up bakery, Elemental Cafe defiantly stands as the antithesis to the supermarket. Working as a collective, the building has extended back to provide a home for an art gallery, a community meeting space and even a micro-coffee roaster.

Triple Co Roast is Elementals in-house roastery, the only one in Bristol. They actively encourage you to come and have a chat to Jo, the owner, about the coffee. You can even get a delivery of their coffee to your house, no more waking up on Sunday and realising the caddy is empty.

123 Space is a gallery run by Love Bristol, the guys behind Happytat and Treasure, two second hand shops raising money for community projects. They encourage local artists to come in, showcase and sell their work, a vital commodity for Bristols thriving art scene.

Along with all this you can still buy your fresh bread, sandwiches, GingerBeard preserves and watch the world go by.


Fresh roasted coffee
Great people watching
Fresh bread