Edna's Kitchen

Castle Park, Wine Street, BS1 2AN
07928 436 212
Opening Times
Monday - Sunday 10am - 5pm
Al FrescoCasualSpeedyPeople WatchingHealthyVeggie FriendlyCoffee£
Why we love it?

Edna's Kitchen is a cute kiosk in Castle Park serving homemade food to warm your heart and your soul. Edna Yeffet sure knows a thing or two about falafel, using a home-crafted recipe to create authentic, aromatic chickpea patties. Her charming hut is a hub of activity any weekday lunchtime, and her own passion and knowledge of Middle Eastern cuisine permeates everything she does.

The food is distinctive, and the wide-ranging menu of unique dishes points to Edna's own understanding of Sephardic, Ashkenazi and Palestinian culinary culture. Everything is served in generously portioned takeaway boxes brimming with spices, pulses, grains and goodness. Don't forget to takeaway a slice of homemade flaky filo baklava, filled with sweet sticky goodness. The triumph of Edna's Kitchen has allowed the business expand and offer a successful catering service producing creative cuisine on a larger scale.

Wriggle Highlights
  • A hot box of fresh falafel in Castle Park on a crisp afternoon
  • Schoog, an authentic Yemenite green chilli relish
  • A mezze selection shared with friends in the sunshine

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