Eatchu @ Beats Eats Steam Streetfood Party

Clifton Down Station, Bristol BS8 2PN

££VegetarianCasual DiningAsianStreet Food

Why we love it?

Dumplings, Gyoza, Potstickers, whatever you call these little parcels of savoury excellence, we all agree they're tasty! Eatchu offers a window into Japan with a vast option of fillings and sides to choose from for a special lunch.

You can either eat in their new bricks and mortar restaurant or take away in a robust box to a sunny spot and juggle sushi rice, pickled ginger and gyoza with chop sticks, we recommend taking a napkin or two...or just a fork.

If you have a big appetite, there are a plethora of sides to choose from, including Rob from Wriggles favourite, shoyu eggs. Pickled eggs worth paying for.

Wriggle Highlights

  • Shoyu Eggs
  • Chicken and Nori butter gyoza
  • Edamame beans

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