Eat a Pitta

Opening Times
St. Nicholas Market
Monday - Friday11am - 4.15pm
Saturday11am - 5pm
Gloucester Road
Monday - Saturday10.30am - 8.30pm
Sunday10.30am - 6pm
Monday - Saturday11am - 7pm
Sunday11am - 5pm
£Street Food

St Nicholas Market, Corn St, Bristol BS1 1JQ
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Why we love it

A visit to Eat a Pitta is a lunchtime imperative, whether living in or visiting Bristol. The hummus is homemade, the salads are fresh, and the falafel is a third-generation recipe that we'd do anything to get our fingers on.

The original St Nick's outlet draws the longest queues for food in Bristol. A beautiful bar is lined with gorgeous Moroccan bowls filled with bright salads, creamy tahini dips and vibrant jalapeño peppers, plus crispy bouncing balls of falafel piled high. The team work in harmony to cook fresh falafels and put together takeaway orders with unbelievable speed right before your eyes. The latest Eat a Pitta to open its doors has a fantastic mezzanine dining space overlooking a busy stretch of Gloucester Road.


Just lots and lots of the falafel
Fresh watermelon juice from the Gloucester Road outlet
Leisurely chats in the lunchtime queue