Dirty Burgerz

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Wednesday - Friday5pm - 10pm
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4A Richmond Terrace, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1AB
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Why we love it

Head chef Marcus decided to create Dirty Burgerz after his endless struggle to find decent, local quality burger. After countless experimentations, he finally came up with the Dirty Burgerz format.

Dirty Burgerz has been shaped by the pandemic, which explains why they only offer delivery or collection. Their aim is to provide great food to their customers, while making sure they're staying safe. The menu is now stripped to only the dirtiest of burgers, with the tastiest of sides.

Whatever you settle on, it'll be a success!


Although we're yet to finish it, the Big Dirty has to be tried to be believed
The sheer lack of pretension about the place - it does exactly what it says on the tin: DIRTY BURGERZ.

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Get there early!


Great food, nice atmosphere and good portion sizes


The Food is really good, I wasn't really hungry but ate the burger in seconds. Great bun and sauce and sweet potato fries are a nice option


Good burger and good value for money.


It looked closed from the outside with chairs on tables and a few people milling around inside but we went in to be told that they were only doing take out. Bit annoying as we expected to be able to eat in & you normally pay less for take out but no big deal. Would have been nice for them to offer a discount or a free drink. Or maybe tell wriggle that they were only doing take out even though there were enough staff to wait tables and cook. We placed our order while the guy I presume was the owner played on his phone & chatted about how he uses Facebook with someone who I presume is also involved with the establishment. While our food was being prepared he went over to the cooks to repeat his earlier assertion that they need to make sure the new guy was shown how to make all the burgers in no uncertain terms. A mildly oppressive atmosphere for customers what with there being only lighting over the till & kitchen and us on seats that we had to get off the table ourselves with no apologies or help. We got our food & went home to eat. I had the dirty pizza burger which looked like something your mum would make to say sorry we can't take you to MacDonalds. Didn't taste much better. Thin patties which were overcooked, rank cheese, what tasted like tomato puree and to top it off, 4 thin slices of chorizo on top of the decapitated bun with a wafer thin slice of cheese underneath that didn't even keep them in place. Not sure how I was supposed to pick it up... My partner had the dirty chicken. It looked suspect and tasted criminal. We reckon it might have been from the turkey twizzler school of meat. I tried a bit & it was tasteless. Completely tasteless. I smelt it & it smelled like hand sanitizer. Needless to say, that didn't get eaten. The fries were a bit thick & cheap tasting. In summary: we won't be back unless they up their game considerably & stop buying their ingredients from the cheapest places available. I really wanted to love this place but it let me down horribly. Sorry guys.


Good burgers, great to have new places to eat in st george