Dinky Screens

In Bristol Studio, Great Western Lane, Bristol, BS5 9BB, UK
Opening Times
Monday - Friday9am - 8pm
Saturday - SundayCLOSED


Why we love it

Dinky Screens isn't your average craft supplier. By hosting regular screen printing workshops at In Bristol Studio, they're spreading their magical printing knowledge to the world! Now everyone can now make their own funky fabrics.

Could you not really get to grips with textiles at school, but would love to make your own gorgeously patterned products? Or perhaps you were a whizz, and want to put your artistic skills to some use! Either way, Dinky Screens workshops can give you all the know-how (and literally every piece of equipment you will need) so you can make your very own groovy wares (and we really mean it - they're hosting a 80s themed workshop). And if that's not incredibly cool enough, they also host Prosecco and Screen Printing workshops so you can sip away as those creative juices flow - need we say more?

Wriggle Highlights

  • Getting to bring home your own goodies
  • Creating personal gifts
  • What's a Cyanotype? I don't know, but I'm excited to find out!

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