Dela, Mivart Studios, Mivart St BS5 6JF
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Why we love it

Quite possibly Wriggle's favourite opening of 2017. Dela means to ‘share’ in Swedish, and owners Mike and Lara have created a place that's all about spending time sharing food and eating together. With its big light space (in the downstairs of an Easton art studio) it's a lovely place to while away time over top-notch Scandi food.

Wriggle Highlights

  • If you can get your hands on some of Dela's rosemary hassleback potatoes, we're pretty sure you will be a very, very happy Wriggler.

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16 Apr
If there was one thing weekends were made for, it is brunch. This lovely meal can be as early or late as you want it, meaning you still get a lie in and the chance to indulge.
12 Jun
Easton is something of a hidden gem. To strangers, it's a mysterious land, accessible only by the Stapleton Road train station, and often overlooked in favour of the trendier Stokes Croft, North Street, and Clifton scenes. To those in the know, however, wandering round Easton is the hot ticket to a fabulous weekend of tasty, authentic, and varied food and drink. Allow us to enlighten you!