Convikt Coffee & Kitchen

Opening Times
Monday - Saturday8am - 7pm
Sunday9am - 6pm

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Why we love it

Convikt is a café with conviktion. The conviktion to serve up delicious, tasty food, to source their ingredients properly, and to make their customers really, properly happy. We love it.

Tucked away near Montepelier Arches, entering Convikt Coffee & Kitchen feels a bit like walking into a Tarantino mood board - all black wood panelling, dark seats, neon lighting, and a curious selection of artwork paying homage to a motley crew of boxers and pop culture figures from across the ages. It's a big contrast to the identikit cafes of current times, with their enamel plates, succulents, and exposed Edison lighting. It's a refreshing change, and is backed up with big, boldly flavoured food that'll make you very glad you popped in.

There's meaty, veggie and vegan friendly options galore, excellent full cooked breakfasts (available allllllll day long - perfect for you late-afternoon Larries), and a pleasing Indian twist to the deli selection - be sure you don't miss the samosas! Sweet-teethed Wrigglers, don't fret: there is always a fully loaded counter packed full of sweet treats, including vegan brownies and cookies - yum. Everything is locally sourced, too: fruit and veg is sourced from the excellent Full Basket, just a couple of doors down; meat comes from a Stokes Croft butcher; and even the coffee comes from Martin Cowardene in the Mendips.

We've got a strong conviktion that you guys are gonna love Convikt.

Wriggle Highlights

  • The Convikt breakfast - best enjoyed in the afternoon, after a few-too-many the night before
  • Delicious coffee, sourced from the Mendips
  • Those samosas.

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