Chilli Daddy (Queens Rd)


88a Queens Rd, Bristol BS8 1SA
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Why we love it

With recipes forged from the hunger of the Great Leap Forward (1958-1960) and Socialist China, passed down through generations, Dr Weng and Mrs Li are revolutionising the Szechuan scene of the south-west with fresh, local ingredients and a true passion for feeding people. Their mantra ​passed down from his grandmother, remains “never forget those still in hunger”; don’t forget to check them out. A Wriggle favourite.

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If you never heard about chilli daddy or never been there (and you like spicy Chinese food) it is THE place to go. The hotpot noodles or rice dishes are very nice, in every configuration. They offer 5 levels of spiciness and they should fit every taste.


Amazingly delicious food, fast and friendly service, we will be back for more very soon


It has a lovely authentic feeling and the flavours of the food were great. Big portions so you won’t leave hungry!


Outstanding food!! Only negative was that the staff were slightly confused about the wriggle offer until I showed them the email


The food is fresh, flavoursome and fabulous! Speedy friendly service and great value for money.


Quick and tasty food