Chilli Daddy (Queens Rd)


88a Queens Rd, Bristol BS8 1SA
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Why we love it

With recipes forged from the hunger of the Great Leap Forward (1958-1960) and Socialist China, passed down through generations, Dr Weng and Mrs Li are revolutionising the Szechuan scene of the south-west with fresh, local ingredients and a true passion for feeding people. Their mantra ​passed down from his grandmother, remains “never forget those still in hunger”; don’t forget to check them out. A Wriggle favourite.

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Quick and tasty food


It was a really nice chilled, relaxing vibe. The service was really quick, our food was ready within 15 minutes!


Chilli daddy has always been one of my fav spot for Chinese street food in Bristol. Flavour is authentic at very reasonable price. It’s great to see deals on Wriggle!


Awesome flavourful food. Spice levels are definitely on the high side, even level 2 packs a punch


The wonton soup is the best!


Good atmosphere, fantastic-tasting food, but service not that good. Also was freezing as they had front door open.