Chance & Counters @ Abbey Hotel

0117 329 1700
North Parade, Bath, Somerset, BA1 1LF
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Why we love it

Chance & Counters are the king of Bristol board-games. At their home on the Christmas Steps, you can find literally hundreds of board games - served alongside food & drink - and particularly an awesome selection of beers.

They've teamed up with Abbey Hotel, in Bath, for an unforgettable role-play, mystery-solving night!

Top Wriggler reviews

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The event was awesome! It was really well run & so much fun! The venue charged different prices for my drink throughout the night & at £8/£9.50 for a double vodka & siphon soda it’s quite pricey.


A fantastic night at the prohibition morder mystery hosted by chance and counters. The game was well explained. EVERYONE made an effort to dress up and it was soooo easy to get into character. The staff were so friendly and on hand whatever you needed. A great might that kept me guessing and I’ll do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you chance and counters, bath abbey hotel and wriggle!!


We went to Chance & Counters’ Prohibition murder mystery night and loved every second of it. It was so well run, with everything going smoothly and everyone having the best time. Can’t wait to do another!