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Caring in Bristol find gaps in Bristol’s provision for people experiencing homelessness and work together with our community to create innovative projects to fill them.

From prevention to emergency shelter and support, their projects range from producing free citywide resources that empower our city to act, to investing in youth support, helping influence change from the very start. All their 8 projects engage an amazing community of volunteers helping to make change happen in our city.

Caring in Bristol has grown from the ground up with the support of thousands of caring individuals and supporters and their generous donations of money and time.

Homelessness is not a simple issue with a simple solution. At Caring in Bristol, they believe in community solutions to community issues and we need your help to continue to tackle homelessness in our city.

Engage. Volunteer. Donate.

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Given top marks as these are such great initiatives. Everyone should think of buying one to give someone a nice dinner this Xmas


Not very applicable questions due to the nature of the payment however I think his is a great initiative.


Donation to Caring at Christmas


So pleased that wriggle offered this service.


Everybody deserves to have something nice to eat during this season


Great project and idea