Cafe Kino

Opening Times
Monday - Sunday10am - 10:30pm
FoodServed until 9:30pm
BreakfastServed until 1pm
Cafe£££Casual DiningBeerCoffeeBurgersSweet TreatSandwich

0117 924 9200
108 Stokes Croft, BS1 3RU
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Wriggler reviews

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Gorgeous venue, beautifully decorated and with a friendly open atmosphere


As the sunshine's outside and we are all inside (because of Covid-19)... I am looking forward to spending my voucher at Cafe Kino (currently closed)... My favourite place for a bite and coffee. There needs to be more Cafe Kind in the world... And Bristol just would not be the same with out it. I pray at the end of all this it will still be there...


Definitely best vegan milkshake I’ve ever had and up there with best vegan burger


Delicious vegan food and comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.


Like everyone else is saying , the milkshakes were super yummy !! Burgers were good too, was on a wait on food but that was fine because they let us know and we had our milkshakes to slurp on!


Been to cafe kino before for drinks and the great atmosphere, but never tried their food before. The burger, rosemary chips and milkshake were all absolutely delicious and I would definitely do this deal again.


Delicious food, the milkshakes were NEXT LEVEL. The staff were all super lovely too.


The food was quick, the guy who served them told me he dropped my burger by accident but I had my food within 5 minutes and liked his honesty. Milkshakes were great, it was my first time having a vegan milkshake and I never would’ve known the difference.


amazing ethics, friendly staff and beautiful burgers (get curly fries!!!)