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Brozen, St Nick's Market, Bristol
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Why we love it

We at Wriggle love a bit of weird science, so when we heard these twin brothers from Cornwall were using liquid nitrogen to give their ice cream the edge, we had to see what was going on.

Here's the science bit;

Using liquid nitrogen ensures you get the smoothest, silkiest gelato going and the boys have fine tuned their art. Instead of stirring the base as it freezes to break up ice crystals, the quick freeze method means those crystals don't have a chance to form.

Using a fleet of kitchen aids, these boys will make your order right in front of you, donning a pair of goggles watch a cloud of nitrogen cascade over the bowl until the base has frozen just enough that the ice cream is at a perfect, melt in the mouth consistency.


Their new Chocolate Orange ice cream is rich, sweet, zingy and a must try
Don't fancy ice cream? Then request one of their crepes or galettes
Cinnamon and Apple crepe
Cheese and Chorizo galette