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1 Dean St, Bristol BS3 1BG
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Very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Fantastic food


The atmosphere was very welcoming, with the host making us feel at home.


Really good atmosphere. Good for friends


Because the atmosphere and food was so good, people wanted to stay and this meant table and seating space was short, which caused a slight problem. I think this wasn't expected, so the caterers weren't prepared. It was easily sorted but I think tempers perhaps got a little frayed when customers were genuinely trying to solve the small hiccup. Otherwise, it was a good evening out and super food.


The food was absolutely delicious - can't wait for the next one!


Please don’t have tuneless ‘thump, thump, thump’ music playing in future. It just inhibits conversation and makes it necessary to talk loudly to be heard, creating a cacophony of loud sounds.


Once inside it turned out to be a nice venue. Not having been before it wasn't immediately obvious that I was at the right place!


Bosh is a super outfit that provides pop up dinners and private and corporate event catering. Meals are great and service is friendly.


Lovely venue which was easy to find, and had a fantastic evening with friends. All of the food was amazing, with a round of applause by everyone at the end for the event owner juliet.... well worth a visit!!