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Tues - Thurs6pm - 9pm
Friday12pm - 2.30pm / 6pm - 9pm
Saturday12pm - 10pm
Sunday12pm - 4pm
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Bertha's Pizza, The Old Gaol Stables, Cumberland Road, Bristol BS1 6UX
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Why we love it

Bertha's has officially changed the face of Bristol's pizza scene forever. The Guardian named this pizzeria as one of the top-ten outside of London, and just one bite of sourdough crust served hot from Bertha herself proves it a worthy accolade. Let us explain. The steel wood fired oven is called Bertha, first fired up in a Sheffield back garden. Her owners soon wanted a change of direction, a vocation not a chore. They sat there sharing the food they’d cooked with friends and the answer stared back - pizza. Great pizza is simple. Good ingredients on good bread. It’s accessible; the best pizza in the world is affordable to the masses. We love that. It’s a showcase for ingredients. They want to be part of the community, to partner with local suppliers. This isn’t about buzzwords or trends. It matters. Provenance matters. Quality matters. Our sanity matters. They found the best way to keep the fire in their bellies and passion for their work is to team up with the best local producers and change the menu with the seasons.

Fast forward several years, countless cindered, failed attempts and they've travelled the world, learned from some of the best in the US and put their waistbands on the line to sample all - and I mean all - that Naples had to offer. At the heart of these pizzas is the dough. And at the heart of our dough is their sourdough starter or 'mother'. It’s a symbiotic mix of wild yeast, bacteria (think good bacteria) and enzymes. The long ferment gives the natural enzymes time to do their work. The gluten chains are broken down further and you’re left with something which is both delicious and easy to digest. If you’re going to leave your crusts please do so discreetly, they don’t want to witness them being thrown away.

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Very nice pizza restaurant, chilled vibe, probably the best pizza in Bristol.


Great pizza!


Good atmosphere and very speedy and polite service. You can't go wrong with their pizzas, have no worries about that! We tried the meat and heat which my friends found delicious as the sweetness of the honey gave it a nice flavour. As simple as my Margherita option seems to you, it was no exception to some quality baking Bertha has. We also had their cookies and cream ice-cream (yes, we surely spoiled ourselves there) and it was delicious! Totally worth it, we would go back any time.


Best pizza in Bristol, fantastic!


The best pizza in Bristol


Nearest you'll get to Napoli quality pizza in Bristol (maybe even UK). I prefer the classics (particularly the Margherita) but in terms of toppings you can also go very untraditional if you like. I wish they did coffee and I wish they had chili oil (something pretty much every Napoli pizza place I've been to has had) but these are tiny gripes.