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Monday - Wednesday6pm – 11pm
Thursday - Saturday12pm – 11pm
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Why we love it

'Bellita' translates as 'little beauty', and this ain't no misnomer, guys. The younger, feistier sister to the famous Bristol institution Bell's Diner, Bellita on Cotham Hill is an absolute stunner of an eatery-come-drinkery.

Since opening in 2015, Bellita has been showered with awards and accolades, including winner of the 'Best Tapas' prize in the Bristol Good Food Awards 2016, and a recommendation in the 2017 Michelin Guide. Don't be fooled, though; there is nothing stuffy or intimidatingly 'fine dining' about this place; walking into Bellita is like going over to an old family friend's house for dinner; it's relaxed, it's convivial, and you know you'll be fed, watered, and spoiled for choice. Like Bell's Diner, Bellita draws on Spanish, Middle-Eastern and North African flavours, resulting in moreish, exciting dishes which are perfect for enjoying with a few drinks. On that note - Bellita has a pretty impressive selection of homemade drinks, intriguingly named 'Shims and Shrubs' - we suggest you work your way through the available choices.

Bellita's fantastic dishes and small plates are designed to be shared - Wriggle recommends gathering a select group of your favourite and most discerning foodie friends, and ordering yourselves a banquet style selection of a little bit of everything from the menu. Tuck in, relish the dynamic flavour combinations and artful presentation styles, choose your favourites, and let us know! Oh, and try not to argue too much about who finishes the last morsel of each dish.

Don't be misled by the surprisingly reasonably priced dishes, either. Each is a taste sensation, with the prices belying both the quality and provenance of the ingredients - and the love and time with which each dish was prepared.

As if all of that wasn't reason enough to love Bellita, all of the wines on their wine list are made by women - a bold step towards tackling the astonishingly male-dominated world that constitutes the wine industry.

Wriggle on over to Cotham Hill, and get to know this little beauty of an eatery. You're welcome.


Shims and Shrubs - ask the bar staff what we mean
Aperitivo nights (Thursdays - Saturdays, 4:30 - 6:30pm) where for a mere £5.50 you can choose a glass of beer, fino sherry or vermouth of the moment with a dish from the bar menu
The fun, friendly, foodie atmosphere.

Top Wriggler reviews

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Interesting and unique drink selection. Tapas were small but tasted excellent and were something different. Thoroughly enjoyed!


Interesting food for good value and good service


Lovely, exciting food and very friendly staff, who were knowledgable and helpful.


Having had an amazing time in the tapas next door (Muino) with the exact same deal - 3 plates for £10 - we were disappointed here. The deal only applied to items under £6 of which there were very few, mainly olives, bread etc and while the food was nice it wasn’t outstanding.