Beerd (St Michael's Hill)

157-159 St Michaels Hill, Bristol BS2 8DB
0117 974 3567
Opening Times
Sunday -Thursday12 PM - 11 PM,
Friday and Saturday12 PM - 12 AM


Why we love it

Beer, Pizza and facial furniture have more in common than you might suspect. More and more joints are cottoning onto the supreme foodie potential of our favourite hop-dough combo - and ever more gents seem to be growing their own set of whiskers. As trends go, this is all fine and dandy... but the crust of the matter is that not all passengers on the bandwagon can nail it. Half-hearted attempts leave pizza pretenders exposed, hop-imposters at the bottom of the barrel and beardy-hipsters looking like - well - plonkers. For Wriggle, as you well know, this won't do.

In the same way that a strong set of facial furniture takes time, patience and a knack for solid-cultivation, awesome pizza and knock-out beer require genuine expertise, quality ingredients and all-around know-how. Enter Beerd on St Michael's Hill: craft brewery and pioneers of hand-stretched Italian pizzas (with a leftfield Westcountry twist), these guys actually grow their own beers.

Using 00' Molino Caputo Flour (straight from Naples), Italian Plum Tomatoes and a suite of fine locally sourced ingredients, Beerd's idiosyncratically shaped pizzas are stand-out - hand crafted in a stone hearth pizza oven throughout the day and with flavour combinations that will have you doing triple takes. As for their keg and cask beers, expect famously eccentric flavour profiles without prioritising hoppiness for hoppiness' sake. Friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on-hand to guide people through their impressive range of food and local beers, too. Beerd: highly recommended for proper beer and proper pizza.

Wriggle Highlights

  • Great pizza
  • Sunday Cask Beer Deals
  • Long Fox Wall Art

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