Opening Times
Monday - Tuesday11:30am - 10pm
Wednesday - Saturday11:30am - 11pm
Sunday11:30am - 10pm
Casual DiningMeaty££Vegan

72-74 Queens Road
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Why we love it

Backyard is the brand new kid on the Triangle, serving up delicious chicken in all shapes and sizes, but also beautiful plant-based dishes.

This intelligent restaurant is cashless and uses technology to offer you the ultimate customer experience: quality, speed of service and autonomy, thanks to their table-side ordering iPads - you have complete control over your experience!

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nice place


Tasty food


Kind service, but very expensive. £4,40 for a 330ml lager is excessive.


Great food and service


I loved the music, staff were really helpful and iPads at the table made it so easy to order!


Having never been to backyard before I didn't know what to expect and was imagining a small, fast food ish kind of place. This is not the case! Backyard is a large, bright and spacious setting with screens at your table to place your order (although I think you can also order from the waiting staff!). Unfortunately i didn't plan my visit very well and had to ask for mine to be put in a takeaway box... this was due to my under-estimation of how far up park street the place is, and how long the food would take (no fault of the chef's, it didn't take that long!) but when I got back to my desk and finally was able to tuck into my katsu wings I was very happy! They had a delicious flavour and were beautifully presented, I just wished I'd been able to eat them fresh in the restaurant! Will definitely go back as the menu looked right up my street, the staff were friendly and I really liked the setting!