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Castle Street, Castle Park
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For a delicious and convenient weekday lunch that packs a serious flavour punch, you've GOT to try out Baba Ganoush's brilliant little delivery van. The Baba Ganoush team made a name for themselves with their epic falafal when they first started in Easton, and have since made themselves a home in the hearts and minds of St Paul's residents after their move over the M32.

Now the dynamic duo Shad and Dael are making it even easier to get your fix of Middle Eastern and Israeli goodness, with their lunchtime delivery service. The colourful Baba Ganoush van will be popping up around the city, delivering lunches to workers and students in their hour of need. All you need to do is book through Wriggle, and Dael & Shad will sort the rest, bringing your freshly cooked lunch to a conveniently situated location – winning!

The Baba Ganoush Van will pop up in different locations across Bristol for a week at a time, and Wriggle will announce the new location on Sundays – so keep an eye out!

Quick, cheap, convenient and most importantly, flipping delicious, we know you guys are gonna love the Baba Ganoush Delivery Van.

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Lunch for 1.95, you can't go wrong! I'd heard of baba ganoush but hadn't tried it u til this week. Was very impressed with the portion size and yummy falafel and salad. Have recommended it to my colleagues as I was so impressed!


I love Baba Ganoush! Salad box with Falafel for a couple of quid what's not to like?!


A food truck that serves prepped food boxes. This means you can get the food within a minute and it still tastes great.


Delicious fresh and healtht




Nice tasty and filling salads at bargain prices