Assembly Bakery (Old Market)

Assembly Bakery, 25 West Street, Old Market, Bristol, BS20DF


Why we love it

Assembly Bakery are one of our favourite bakeries in the city. Born and raised in the Old Market Assembly, they cut the apron strings back in 2017, flying the nest and getting their own place a couple of doors down. Things went so well in their new pad that they've also expanded into that great culinary Mecca, Wapping Wharf, with a lovely little shipping container to call their own.

The bread itself at Assembly Bakery is simply some of the finest around. With sourdough that'll make you groan with delight, the team also craft some of the most exquisite croissants, sausage rolls, and sweet treats on the block. What's more, the Assembly team favour the slower, purer methods that are at the centre of traditional, artisan baking, and are all-too-often excluded from modern narratives around food. Combined with organic, local ingredients, these slow baking methods create a far superior product that tastes tangibly better for you, and far more delicious. Assembly Bakery, we salute you!

Wriggle Highlights

  • Stunning sourdough loaves – perfect with a good olive oil and some cheese
  • The most picturesque little sweet treats you ever saw.

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