Art Battle Bristol @ Trinity Community Arts Centre

Trinity Community Arts Trinity Centre Trinity Road Bristol BS2 0NW


Why we love it

Ever heard of a battle that swaps swords for brushes and paint? Art Battle Bristol puts the rapid-fire skills of Bristol artists to the test. Their jaw-dropping events allow the most talented (and bravest) artists from Bristol and beyond to create utterly mind blowing works live, in only 20 minutes.

At each event as the artists work, patrons move around the easels, closely watching the creative process. The medium is acrylic paint and the tools allowed are brushes, palette knives or any non-mechanical implements. At the end of the round, the audience votes democratically for their favourite painting and bids in silent auction to take the work home. Art Battle happens in over 50 cities worldwide - don't miss them in Bristol!

Wriggle Highlights

  • Each event ends in an auction - take home your favourite
  • Your vote decides the winner

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