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Wednesday - Sat 12pm - 9pm
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Trafalgar Arches Market, Brighton BN1 4FQ
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Why we love it

Lurking within the arches of Trafalgar Street is a little pantry belonging to a troll. We don’t know that for sure because we can’t prove the existence of trolls, but we’ve also not found another human flipping burgers quite like these ones. With a great variety of choice on the menu, the troll has remarkably ethical tendencies - they like to use local, organic, seasonal and sometimes foraged ingredients ensuring they support small farms who practise the highest standards of animal welfare. Good troll.


Zero food waste kitchen
The sauces and dips which are all made from scratch
Sustainably-sourced and compostable disposals

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Best burgers in Brighton, could only be better if it had indoor seating or a residency in a pub


Always delicious and always something new and seasonal to try.


Trollburger make the best burgers in Brighton!


Not just the best burgers in Brighton, the best burgers I've ever had


The best burgers and most knowledgable burger maker in Brighton


Best burgers in Brighton by some distance! I wasn't sure about the combination of flavours but goddamn it was delicious!!!