Time For Kimchi

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Mon - Sat11am–6pm
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19 Church St, Brighton BN1 1RB
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Why we love it

When the clean eating craze kicked in and flooded our Instagram feeds, along with it came a hundred-year-old recipe - Kimchi.

Time for Kimchi is showing us how it’s done with their brand new Korean Deli and Grocery Shop on Church Street. They make their own artisan Kimchi using traditional fermentation methods and create delicious deli-style bowls that can be taken away or eaten at their twee window seat. Whichever you prefer, you can rest easing knowing you’re getting a super nutritious, most likely, more than five-a-day feed.

Kimchi is a fermented vegetable dish, primarily made from cabbage. There are hundreds of other veggie variants and it’s usually mixed with radish, onion, garlic and red pepper flakes - giving it a bold spice kick. Renowned for its immune boosting health benefits, the cabbage alone gives you Vitamins K, C and B6 and because the veggies are fermented it’s an excellent source of probiotics, aiding your overall gut health.


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Really delicious Korean food


Food here is always great. Must be my favourite place for healthy food in Brighton.


Great place to eat. Staff are lovely and the food is amazing!


Really delicious bimibap and excellent value in wriggle


Fresh vegan Brighton bimibap and super tasty. Thanks again!


Lovely, healthy, filling lunch at a great price.