The Walrus

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01273 025749
10 Ship St, Brighton BN1 1AD
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Wriggler reviews

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Fab place with great service and good food. The most amazing rooftop!


Such great value and quality food!


Do you know what is more satisfying..and lasts longer than sex...that's right...the Roast Lamb dinner at The Walrus...I recommend lubricating the roast tatties with extra delicious gravy...follow with a soothing smoke and a nice long snooze...Naughty culinary pleasure that you don't have to take your clothes off for...Just loosen your belt and enjoy...


Wonderful venue, great food and excellent service


Great value for money


Fantastic food! We came for a Monday roast dinner and was very happy with what we received. Please see the photos of our lovely meals the plates were massive, by far the largest plates used to serve roast dinners in Brighton. The portion sizes are huge and this shouldn't put you off if you were thinking that quantity means lack of quality. The attention paid to each ingredient is spectacular. There is so much flavour with every bite of the broccoli, the carrots, the red cabbage (which we still are a little unsure what was used to flavour that, All Spice, is what we settled on), and the main. They serve vegetarian, vegan and even plantbased options. Incredible. I had the vegan cheese wellington, with broccoli, carrots, red cabbage, roast potatoes and gravy. We will definitely be going back.


ORGASMIC.....Without doubt the best Roast Dinner I have eaten in the UK in my 47 years.....How they do the Roast Lamb to be so soft and tender on the inside whilst dark and juicy on the outside is GENIUS.


Food was restaurant level in a great pub


Venue was very nice, clean table and bar. Staff were very helpful and familiar with the Wriggle process, all in all fantastic