The Spice Circuit @ V&H Cafe

V and H Cafe, 63 Holland Rd, Hove BN3 1JL


Why we love it

Kanthi Kiran Thamma is an award-winning Brighton-based chef formerly of Curry Leaf Café fame, and now the brains behind The Spice Circuit.

The Spice Circuit is a project that stems from Kanthi's passion for food and travel, and represents his desire to share the uniquely rich culinary heritage and fabulous hospitality of his native Hyderabad, Southern India. A multifaceted venture, The Spice Circuit organises bespoke food tours of Southern India – but if you don't want to travel that far afield, why not check out some of Kanthi's pop-ups, unique events and chef collaborations? At Kanthi's events, you'll learn about of one of the most crucial events in this cultural history of food – the spice trade that linked Europe with Southern India, leading to the colonisation of areas including Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

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