The Evening Star

55-56 Surrey St, BN1 3PB
01273 328931
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Why we love it

In the cellar depths of this locally revered pub, a beautiful thing called Dark Star Brewing Co. came to be. Back in ‘94 the brewery was created to quench the thirst of beer deprived punters upstairs, but as word spread of these tasty new ales the supply was quickly drunk dry. Thus the brewery had to be relocated to a larger holding, but the same fresh, tasty browns remained. 7 cask pulls, 8 keg lines and a worldie range of craft bottles and cans. Our Dark Star favourite has to be the Creme Brulee, dubbed a dessert in a glass with it’s vanilla and caramel undertones. This off the beaten track pub may be simple in decor, but it serves breathtakingly good brews.

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7 Jun
In Brighton we’re lucky enough to have over 60 legit breweries right on our doorstep, from Bedlam and Brighton Bier to the award winning Long Man and Darkstar.