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Opening Times
Monday - Thursday12pm - 5pm
Fri & Sat12pm - 8pm
Sunday12 - 4pm
CafeHealthy EatingEvents££SandwichMeaty

21 St James Street, Brighton, BN2 1RF
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Why we love it

Down on St James Street a brand new foodie experience has just opened. Owners Tomas and Atilla describe it as ‘A relaxed sandwich restaurant for everyday of the week.’ The restaurant looks to create a resurgence of the social dining experience by forming a space for diners to relax and enjoy freshly cooked produce right in front them.

Both of these experienced chefs are formerly of Brighton’s favourite veggie eatery - Food for Friends and have decades of cooking knowledge behind them as well as a long lived friendship. Together they develop creative recipes using locally sourced ingredients that not only satisfy the tum, but nourish the senses. Drawing on their fine dining background, the menu is of decadent quality but to be savoured with a laid back attitude.

The tasty food on offer ranges from handcrafted sandwiches, superfood salads, soups, smoothies, daily specials and a good range of vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and sugar-free alternatives. They have further plans to launch a home delivery service in collaboration with local businesses such as Food for Friends and Smoking Beatle. They pride themselves on delivering their unapologetic and fun food with passion and love. Now isn’t that just lovely.

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Amazing evening of delicious food and fantastic service. Would 100% go to something like it again


Loved it