Smorl's Houmous Falafel and Salad Bar

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01273 626315
33-34 Brighton Open Market, Brighton, BN1 4JU
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Why we love it

A true hidden gem of the Brighton food scene, the lovely folk at Smorl's serve up the most stunningly delicious falafel boxes from a cosy unit in the corner of Brighton Market. Here you'll receive a hearty box packed-to-the-brim with a rainbow-array of middle-eastern salads, falafels, houmous and sauces, which is equal parts delicious, healthy and filling - making it a firm Wriggle lunch-hour favourite. The food is boxed to go, but there's a handful of neatly laid-out tables to sit down and enjoy your grub amid the gentle hubbub of the Market. Plus, there's a public table-tennis bang in the middle for a spot of post-prandial exercise. Delightful.


BYO Lunchbox Friendly
Vibrantly coloured and stunningly delicious falafel boxes
The extra extra garlic houmous, if you dare
The sweet-chilli with honey sauce available for sale

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I’m a big fan of Smorl’s, all their produce is locally sourced and fresh and they make delicious, healthy and hearty dishes that nourish you inside and out!


The salad box is out of this world amazing - it's different and interesting, and so healthy. I love it here and the staff are very friendly. I had one extra falafel and it filled me up for the whole day. The thunder garlic humous is really delicious - highly recommend !


Food was so good! I had the salad and it filled me up for the day!


Best falafels in Brighton!!


Irresistible. Can't go down London Rd without stopping here.


Had the salad after a string of pittas - SO GOOD, such a packed box of tastiness.