Opening Times
Monday - Thursday Lunch11am - 4pm
Friday - Saturday Lunch10am - 4pm
Tuesday - Friday Dinner6pm - 11pm
Sunday10am - 4pm
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01273 674259
39 Upper Gardner St, North Laine, Brighton, BN1 4AN
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Why we love it

Brighton has been firing ahead on its mission for greener, more sustainable living for quite some time now, so it was really only a matter of time before it married it with its greatest passion - food. Enter Silo Brighton: the first zero-waste restaurant/café in the UK. (Bio)fuelled by a love for great food made from ethical, local produce in peak season, Silo delivers equally on flavour and nutrition, with the menu completely dependent on whatever flora may be growing in Sussex’s farms and fields.

Head chef Doug McMaster coined Silo’s mission statement, which sees them make everything from scratch, in Melbourne in 2012. According to him, forgoing the middle man also forgoes the stripping of vital flavour. In short, it’s food as it should be. McMaster by name; McMaster by nature.


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Open kitchen
The table in the centre.