Opening Times
Monday - Thursday5pm - 11pm
Friday - Saturday5pm - 1am

Why we love it

A more recent addition to the Brighton cocktail scene, this is a fun little place out towards the up and coming London Road end of town, that let’s you be the DJ. The bar’s jukebox is accessible via smartphones and mobile devices and means that you can rock out to a heady combination of Megadeth and Dolly Parton should you so want to. I also love that the cocktails are delivered to your table so you can get back to the conversation and not wait at the bar, getting elbowed by the impatient dude in the Fred Perry shirt. There’s always one. The cocktails are pretty good too, which given that it was set up by a world class Flair Champion finalist, is no real surprise. Just bear in mind that if it’s a first date night, your music selection is going to be on trial. Better get a round of Tuaca (the classic Brighton shot) in if you’re going to break out the Dion.


Flair champion owner
Tuaca on the bar
Smart phone jukebox