Real Patisserie

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Why we love it

One of the original independent bakeries, Real Patisserie now have 5 sites across Brighton and Hove, all run completely self-sufficiently. Whilst there are common themes, each shop has their own onsite kitchen and highly trained team so this is not a chain but more of a collective group of baking superheroes. They create wonderful wedding creations and I can recommend the croque-en-bouche for a tasty alternative to a 3 tier cake or the ubiquitous cupcakes or if you want to hold a tea party without the effort, then their party food option will leave you sipping prosecco whilst someone else labours over a second prove.

The Kemptown shop hold regular informal classes so you can practice your perfect focaccia and rye breads as well as enjoy a lunch. So it’s up to you, either grab your pinny and bake up a storm… or simply pick up a few freshly baked croissants, wander down to the seafront and have a gentle start to the day.