VIP Pizza

Opening Times
Everyday11am - 11pm

19 Old Steine, Brighton BN1 1EL
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Why we love it

Before you even enter VIP Pizza, you can hear the lively bustle of families of Italians from the street. An Italian waiter greets you at the door; you spot Italian groceries filling the shelves to the right, and there’s a full Italian delicatezza of cheeses and cured meats ahead. Like a continental Narnia you’ve entered, leaving Brighton behind for an energetic restaurant in Naples. And that’s just the beginning.

Cooked with a thick crust, and laden with toppings, there are pizzas for every taste and dietary requirement – tomato-less, cheese-less (though this is a crime, surely?) – and there are great wines. Buy one for less than £10 – if you can't finish they’ll let you take the remnants home for dinner (and you’ll have change from your £20 for a bucket of Nutella).


Real Italian thick-crust pizza
The wall of Italian groceries when you walk in
The downstairs seating