Pizza Me

Pizza Me, 8 Elm Grove, Brighton BN2 3DD
Opening Times
Monday - Thursday4pm - 11pm
Friday - Sunday3.30pm - 11pm


Why we love it

Pizza Me is Brighton’s best-kept pizza secret. You will find it hiding at the bottom of Elm Grove making authentic pizzas from scratch in their little kiosk. By using traditional ingredients but offering a modern twist, they’ve created something unique. Fear not vegans, they’re all over the mock meats and cheeses, alongside the typical options. They’ve mastered the other toppings too, expect the likes of Wild Boar Salami and Sardinian Pecorino. Grab a slice on your lunchbreak or treat yourself to a ‘Gigante’, but if you don’t reckon you can carry an 18 inch pizza up the dreaded hills of Hanover, take it down to the neighbouring Level and enjoy it there.

Wriggle Highlights

  • Their pay it forward scheme, buy a slice for someone less fortunate than you
  • That it's owned and run by 3 Italian friends with a passion for pizza

“I'd personally recommend either MeatME, DetoxME or (if you can handle it) the SomelikeMEhotter pizza!”


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17 Jun
Along with the rest of the world, Brighton loves pizza. In fact, pizza is served everywhere in the city. We reveal the places promising to serve perfect pizza, every time.