Phoenix Coffee House

Opening Times
Monday - Friday8.30am - 5.30pm
Saturday9am - 5pm

Phoenix Coffee House, 51 London Road, BN2 3HT
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Why we love it

Sometimes in life, you get a hankering for the simple things, done really well. Straightforward, unpretentious but delicious food, a banging coffee, and friendly, smiley service from a barista who doesn't look like he will murder your first born if you ask for milk in your coffee. It all sounds so easy, doesn't it, but sometimes it's so hard to find!

Step forward Phoenix Coffee House, the latest cafe to join Brighton's London Road gang. Phoenix are the smiliest, friendliest kids on the block, giving each customer the warmest of welcomes. Their food is simple but delicious, with satisfying options to cater for all tastes. From their unbelievably tasty vegan 'sausage' rolls, to their salty, hunky bacon sandwiches; their decadent homemade cakes and sweet treats to the impeccable (and exclusive), locally roasted Lazy Dog coffees; not to mention the brilliant selection of video games – Phoenix Coffee House are doing it right.


Vegan Sausage Roll
Lazy Dog Flat White
Whiling away an afternoon on the PS2

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Friendly and hard working staff


Nice little cafe on London Rd. Very friendly staff. Coffee was well made and a good size.


Friendly staff, good coffee and good food!


Really fun vibe - had no idea it was a games cafe so would definitely go back to enjoy that!


Small yet welcoming. Nintendo 64 console! Vegan and vegetarian options available. Polite staff and good service.


Such a unique place with a great feel. Amazing coffee, music, and games.