Oliver's Brighton

Opening Times
Monday - Saturday10am–6pm
£££Sweet Treat

01273 683 439
42 Trafalgar Street, Brighton, BN1 4ED
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Why we love it

Down on Brighton’s Trafalgar Street, you’ll find a peculiar little store stocking everything from chocolate frogs to magical wands. Yes, that’s right, grab your things because you’ve just been invited to Oliver's Brighton - award-winning wizarding shop in the North Laine.

If you like everything magic-related , this really will be a treasure trove for you. You can examine broomsticks, marvel at the collection of 80+ wands, and pick yourself up some tasty confectionary, beware the vomit flavoured Bertie Botts though.

Totally unique, it’s a must-visit shop for any Brighton visit. For the animal lovers amongst you, there are also regular visits from Oliver's pet bunny, Luna Lepor.

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If you love Harry Potter you'll love this shop


Friendly owner and lovely merchandise!


Lovely shop I wish they had more deals.


If you love all things Harry Potter then you'll love this shop


Really friendly helpful owner, fab little shop


The vomit flavoured jelly bean actually tasted like vomit...not sure if that's a good thing or not!