Melt Brighton

136/137 London Road, Brighton BN1 4JH


Why we love it

There aren't many places in Brighton offering grilled cheese sandwiches. Melt Brighton, at AONO & Co on London Road, recognised this and set up shop serving a range of top quality grilled sarnies - boy are we glad they did! They're all about supporting local businesses, which we love! Using bread from local artisan bakery, Coburn & Baker and houmous from Wriggle favourite, Smorls, in the Open Market. The coffee is also local from Black Rock Coffee. Fresh, organic, fairtrade and ethically sourced. As they're so big on supporting Brighton businesses, don't be surprised if you see special tasty treats on offer from other quality local businesses.

Wriggle Highlights

  • Childhood nostalgia brought on by the classic cheese on toast
  • The buffalo hot sauce chicken melt
  • ....and meatball mac 'n' cheese

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