Just Pop Up

Brighthelm Centre, North Rd, Brighton BN1 1YD


Why we love it?

Just Pop Up founder, Justine, is a social entrepreneur who started her journey with a mental health breakdown. She connected with food and qualified with a local social enterprises' help. Thanks to her own willingness to recover and the help and support of others, she became increasingly more passionate about growing, cooking, mindfulness, eating healthily as well as sustainably. She believes that a series of positive experiences is what has lead to lasting change in her life and wants to help others who are suffering mental health problems to recover and engage in the community also. The idea behind the social enterprise Just Pop Up is to raise money with events and use the profits to teach in community kitchens around Brighton & Hove. The social side of the business aims to tackle issues like 'stigma' around mental health illness. It seems absurd that if 1 in 4 people suffer from mental health issues and as well as suffering from being mentally ill, a person experiences negative stigma around the thing that they are suffering from! Raising awareness and talking more openly about our experiences is part of what helps us to feel accepted and is a massive part of recovery, so next year Just Pop Up will launch targeted campaigns around awareness of mental health issues, alongside cooking workshops for those suffering specific mental health illnesses.

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