JALDEE JALDEE @ Bottom's Rest

Bottom's Rest, Conquer House, 16 Lower Market St, Hove BN3 1AT

IndianVegetarian£££Street FoodHealthyCasual DiningDate NightCurryVegan

Why we love it?

A recent addition to Brighton & Hove's teeming food and drink scene, Jaldee Jaldee offers authentic homemade vegetarian and vegan street food from different regions across India and East Africa. With recipes having been lovingly passed down from generation to generation, the aim is to create the same experience of enjoying delicious plates of mouth-watering food found on the bustling streets of India and East Africa right here on your doorstep. Dedicated to providing the best quality food using fresh herbs and whole spices, all of their sauces and chutneys are homemade! We love street food, and we love great pubs, so Jaldee Jaldee's exciting new residency at the vibrant, Bottom's Rest pub is something we're super proud to share with you!

Wriggle Highlights

  • Spicy Mogo Chips - Deep fried cassava chips glazed in homemade spicy and tangy tamarind sauce
  • You can get vegan version of any dish!
  • Great for when you're feeling like a 'picky bit' dinner

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