Greasy Paws @ Brighton Christmas Market

Jubilee Square, Jubilee Street, Brighton, BN1 1GE
Opening Times
Nov 9th - Dec 31st


Why we love it

Brighton favourites Wolfsmouth are popping up with their Greasy Paws offering at this year’s Jubilee Square Christmas market.

Whilst browsing for crimbo pressies and drinking copious amounts of mulled wine, make a pitstop at the Greasy Paws pop-up for a true culinary treat. Forget soggy buns and nasty cheap sauces – because these are not just any burgers.

These guys are raising the bar with their fabulous street food inspired pop-up, designed by chefs Will Dennard and Jack Southan.

Will and Jack utilise premium ingredients which are often disregarded or overlooked in today's culinary scene, doing the complete justice by elevating them to fantastic heights of flavour, presentation and texture. Greasy Paws are doing burgers differently.

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