Flux @ Freehaus

Opening Times
Monday - Tuesday5pm - 9pm
££PubCasual Dining

1 Howard Rd, Brighton BN2 9TP
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Why we love it

After years and years of being vegan and having their fare share of disappointing falafel and hummus wraps, Sophie and Charlie decided to take the matter in their own hands and created Flux.

Their aim with Flux was to bring new ideas to the vegan food scene, to challenge what people think animal-free food is, and to encourage everyone to try something new and tasty.

Picture this: BBQ Ranch 'Chicken' Burgers, Baja 'Fish' Tacos, exciting salads, and so much more!


Sophie & Charlie are extremely friendly
The Cali Burger is a real dream of a burger
You'll never want vegan tacos as much as these ones!