7 Oxford St, Brighton BN1 4LA
Opening Times
Monday - Sunday 5pm - 11.30pm

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Why we love it

Desi is a true British curry house, serving the dishes we all know and love. Perhaps not one for the most authentic Indian cuisine, this is the place to call in at and indulge your takeaway craving the right way. Situated just of the bustling London Road, it's ideal for popping in to for hot, fragrant food.

At Wriggle, we believe a real Brighton foodie likes to get out, dine out, and discover. At the same time, we will accept that we are a nation of takeaway lovers who often hide indoors on the sofa to keep warm (and watch Netflix). Desi is made for those Friday nights when you'd rather gorge on a chicken tikka masala from a takeaway box, alone and out of sight. We won't tell anyone...

Wriggle Highlights

  • Relishing the extra chilli kick in the creamy chicken tikka
  • The time to have a pint at The Hobgoblin while you order
  • Recommending Desi to friends, before smugly receiving their thanks

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3 Aug
A food loved by so many deserves respect. These guys respect Indian food. We respect them.