Cocoa Crystal

Al Campo Lounge, 84-86 London Rd, Brighton BN1 4JF
Opening Times
Monday - SundayCheck website for up to date event listings.

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Why we love it

The focus of each workshop is the craft of real chocolate, taking it back to the raw ingredients and traditional techniques. You’ll be table tempering, using science and solid marble slabs to carefully work your cacao. You'll get up close and personal with your chocolate and flavour it with natural oils and sugars before pouring your chocolates. Learn the facts, history and science behind modern and traditional chocolate making, the future of chocolate and how to choose the best bars considering flavour, ethics and cost. Take all of your handmade and packaged CocoaCrystal chocolates home. For this event, it doesn't matter if you're totally new to chocolate making, coming alone or with friends as the classes are full of facts, fun and accessible for everyone. All ingredients are completely organic, vegan and free from palm oil. A crisp glass of Prosecco for every guest is included. (Soft drink available on direct request before your arrival).

Wriggle Highlights

  • Delicious organic, vegan chocolate
  • There's usually a glass of fizz involved
  • Learn loads of awesome new skills

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