Boho Gelato

6 Pool Valley, Brighton BN1 1NJ
01273 727205
Opening Times
Everyday11am - 6pm
Al FrescoCasualFamily FriendlySpeedy£
Why we love it?

There’s ice cream. Then there’s gelato. But in Brighton there’s Boho Gelato. Anyone who’s visited Italy will already be aware of how impressive their gelato parlours are; Boho Gelato brings that taste of Italy to Brighton and adds its own spin by offering some interesting and innovative flavours, including Olive Oil (a classic in Italy and well worth a try), Carrot cake and Strawberry, Basil and Black Pepper sorbet - all with natural ingredients. Owner Seb Cole trained in Italy and regularly takes part in the Nivarata granita festival. In doing so he has gained the respect of Sicilian granita producers which is no mean feat for a bloke from the UK.

Wriggle Highlights
  • Their peanut butter and salted caramel aka “crack”' Buying a tub to enjoy at home
  • Picking up an ice cream and heading to the beach for pure Brighton bliss

“Ice cream is a blank canvas. It's a carrier of flavour and you can create an ice-cream version of anything if you know how”

Seb Cole - Head Chef at Boho Gelato