Big Bowl

Opening Times
Monday - Sunday12pm - 9.15pm
£££Healthy EatingTakeawayCasual DiningNoodlesMeatySeafood

01273 206422
54 Preston Street, Brighton, BN1 2HE
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Why we love it

Hot steaming bowls of Pho and expertly-crafted summer and spring rolls are the order of the day in this small, simple and yet superb Vietnamese restaurant. Situated on Preston Street this is one of the best places hidden along this stretch. The bright and very green interior fits with the clean, fresh and healthy nature of the food, and this family run operation has been perfecting their small menu of dishes that have been handed down through generations. This is seriously authentic and delicious Vietnamese food that will not only keep the bank manager happy, but also your waistline.


Best Vietnamese restaurant in Brighton, Pho sure
The healthiness and freshness of the menu
Their Pho noodle soups - not to be missed!