Yakinori - Grand Central

Opening Times
Monday – Saturday11am – 10pm
Sunday11am – 9pm
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0121 643 9177
Grand Central, Unit 14, Stephenson Place Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Why we love it

Whether you’re working near Grand Central or passing through before hitching a ride on the next train, there’s always one spot you can rely on to serve you healthy, feel-good food to fuel that next step - and that’s Yakinori (Grand Central).

This family-run and independent food joint started its life right here in Birmingham, and owing to its plethora of well-loved Japanese eats, it will come as no surprise that Yakinori has grown a loyal following. Its popularity has lead to the opening of two eateries in the city: this one in Grand Central, and another in Selly Oak.

The menu is bountiful, featuring all-sorts of eye catching and crowd-pleasing options. The bento boxes are right up there with our favourites and come packed with a wealth of tempura vegetables, mixed sushi, katsu curries and mountains of sticky rice. The ramen isn’t half bad either: hearty bowls of a warming broth, loaded with thick udon noodles and a medley of fresh vegetables, all topped off with golden tofu, crisp panko chicken or seafood.

Our favourite feature of Yakinori has to be the open kitchen that offers a pinch of theatre with your food. Sit back and spectate as the passionate team of chefs construct sushi, fold dumplings, fry fresh veg and perfectly steam delicate grains of rice. Ingredients of all colours flow through the kitchen, ending up in beautiful presented dishes on the counter ready for service. We recommend getting as close as you can to the kitchen to indulge in its sights, sounds and smells.

If you’ve just clocked off for the day (or want to impress a colleague or visiting mate), don’t forget to get a sake. Our choice is always the kyoto shochikubai sake: ask for it warm and order a handful of tempura prawns - it’s the perfect experience. They also have a medium sized wine collection with some impressive bottles, alongside an array of imported Japanese beers.

Yakinori have got it in the bag with their perfectly executed menu of noodle, bento and sushi dishes.


Order the chicken Katsu bento box.
Take a gander at their vegan eats.
Get the Sake in.

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I enjoyed a good value deal at Yakinori and would definitely return. The miso soup was warm and satisfying on a cold, damp day and the salmon pokénori bowl was delicious and huge to the point that I had to take half of it home with me.


Great service, great food. Perfect for a quick meal that is soul nourishing. Wouldn't recommend for large groups, not a whole lot of space to have good conversations.


Amazing gyoza and quick service