Viceroy Tandoori

Opening Times
Monday – Saturday5.30pm – 10.30pm
Sunday12pm – 10.30pm

0121 439 0607
Viceroy Tandoori, 109 Icknield St, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham B18 6RZ
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Why we love it

With its relaxed atmosphere and modern setting, it’s an absolute pleasure to dine at Viceroy - an intimate tandoori restaurant straddling on the North Western edge of the Jewellery Quarter. Owned and run by duo Foyzur and Mujib, this small team have poured their heart and soul into the space, creating a contemporary eatery influenced by Indian and Pakistani dishes, cooking and culture.

Step inside, and you’re immediately immersed in fragrance scents, the sounds of a bustling kitchen, and the sights of vibrant and fresh dishes of all shapes and sizes gracing tables in front of eager diners. It’s captivating and unique, world’s away from your run of the meal curry house.

The menu is more than refreshing, offering a delicate and creative approach to Foyzur and Mujib’s family favourites. Yes you’ll find a few “traditional dishes” hidden towards the end of the menu (those fiery madras and cool kormas we’re all so fond of), but the main focus in the kitchen is to create a collection of much more unique dishes utilising high-quality ingredients and rich herbs and spices. We’re talking dishes like the Ananas Hash (succulent roast duck breast cooked in a creamy coconut milk blended with aromatic spices and compliments of pineapple), murogh jhalbhaja (diced chicken breast wok fried with sweet shallots, ginger, garlic, garam masala, bell peppers and fresh green chilli), and adraki seem (Bangladeshi beans tempered with sesame and fresh ginger). Set amongst a plethora of starters (order the seabass biran), the menu holds an impeccable selection of well balanced dishes that offer revitalising treats for your tastebuds.

To pair, Viceroy have curated an exceptional wine lists. If it’s just a glass you’re looking for, then their house wine definitely hits the spot. In terms of bottles, you’re spoilt for choice; whether you’re a Malbec kinda guy, or like to keep things fresh and crisp with a rioja blanco, there’s a remarkable amount to pick from.

Viceroy have cracked a winning formula with their inspiring menu. Get a date booked in.


Order the Ananas Hash.
Don't forget a side of coconut rice.
Check out their set menus to get the full experience.