The Loft

Opening Times
Monday – Thursday5pm - 11pm
Friday12pm – 12am
Saturday12pm – 2am
Sunday12pm – 11pm

0121 622 2444
143 Bromsgrove St, Birmingham B5 6RG
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Why we love it

Cocktails flow freely at The Loft on Bromsgrove Street every single day of the week. The whole gang's here: Cosmopolitans, Porn Star Martinis, and passionfruit Daiquiris are sipped by classic cocktail connoisseurs, whilst the adventurous amongst us stray towards The Loft’s inventive tuck-shop range (such as the Parma Violet flavoured cocktail) or their own unique favourites (try the mocha martini). Every glass is full of vibrant and boozy libations, garnished with wedges of fresh fruit and the occasional leaf or petal.

It’s a busy hangout especially later on in the week, when you’ll find groups of people often shoulder to shoulder enjoying drinks inside or spilling out into the heated garden area. There’s a ramshackled industrial look about the interior with roughly varnished wood-panelling on the walls and bar area, as well as unrefined furniture with its dents and scratches scattered throughout the cavernous space. It’s got this “devil may care” attitude; nonchalant and cool, with a positive party atmosphere.

If you’re getting on the cocktails, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got something to eat too. Luckily, The Loft also boast a collection of contemporary favourites and quick-eats for you to feast on whilst you sip. Whether it’s a handful of nibbles on a school night (order the sticky korean wings) or a couple of pizzas to share before that Saturday night out, The Loft crew has your back with a timeless banquet of quality eats available. We can guarantee that at least one person in your group will order the loaded fries, and rightly so: with a variety of toppings from pulled pork and nacho cheese, to rich house curry sauce, they’re the perfect bite alongside a crisp pint of lager.

With its laidback industrial look and all-thrills menu of eats and drinks, The Loft is an unpretentious hangout that attracts everyone and anyone to its doors.


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