The Kitchen Garden Café

Opening Times
Monday – Saturday9am – 4.30pm
Sunday10am – 3.30pm

0121 443 4725
17 York Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7SA
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Why we love it

With its wooden beamed ceiling, robust wooden tables and tiled stone floors, the Kitchen Garden Café is full of rustic charm, but it’s by no means a traditionally set establishment. There’s a bohemian edge to it too, with delicate fairlights webbing above the heads of diners, and walls smothered in framed art from local artists and dog-eared posters for upcoming gigs. Its equally eccentric and buzzy, as it is calm and tranquil - we guess you’d say that above all, it’s welcoming and friendly.

Dedicated to using local sourced and seasonal ingredients (prioritising those that are organic), Kitchen Garden Café serves food of real quality, whilst promoting positive eating habits. This begins with their all-day breakfast menu, featuring classic fry-ups (vegetarian and vegan options available), spot on sandwiches, and the best potato hash in town. And for lunch, you can get your hands on fish and chips, jacket potatoes and a selection of fresh salads. They do burgers too (order the chorizo burger), but we’re not talking the greasy kind; these are real clean burgers made with high-quality meats and bundles of fresh leaves, crunchy tomatoes and homemade relishes.

You’re going to want to take a gander at their deli fridge too. Packed full of fresh and seasonal eats, it’s a go-to for anyone looking for a hearty yet healthy lunch. The deli selection changes daily, but you’re guaranteed to stumble across something that’ll tickle your fancy. On our last visit, we feasted on a selection of great vegetable -based bites, including Mexican stuffed sweet potatoes with a quinoa & sweetcorn, a vibrant slice of Courgette, Tomato & Aubergine Gratin, and a handful of mix salad leaves drizzled in extra-virgin olive oil.

We regularly swing by on Thursday and Sunday evenings when they host a brilliant acoustic night. Grab a beer (we’ll have a cold lager if it’s your round), sit back and enjoy their line-up of Folk, Blues and Americana musicians. If you want to find out more about what’s on at Kitchen Garden Café, head to their website.

A wholesome spot with a bountiful menu, Kitchen Garden Café delivers feel good, home-cooked food without the fuss.


Sit in the garden oasis and make friends with the fronds.
Order the Kitchen Garden Hash Potato with a side of bacon.
Don't miss out on their cake selection.