Sushi Passion

Opening Times
Monday – Thursday12pm – 3pm
Monday – Thursday5.30pm – 10pm
Friday – Saturday12pm – 10pm
Sunday12pm – 8pm

0121 238 2933
31 Great Western Arcade Colmore Row, Birmingham B2 5HU
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Why we love it

Sushi Passion is a sea of brightly coloured eats. Delicately crafted sushi and sashimi plates float across the room in various shapes and sizes, and present themselves with an elegance that’s second to none. Larger tables eat off of huge handcrafted wooden boats ladened with vibrant bites whilst sipping warm sake; where smaller groups gather, chopsticks pick at smaller plates alongside Japanese beers and ruby red glasses of wine. Everything looks and tastes amazing, and sushi lovers are guaranteed to find everything they dream off, from tuna tartare gunkan to classic bite-sized pieces of salmon nigiri.

Diners who choose to sit at the bar get a front row seat to the sushi show. Here, you can watch the team of skilled chefs as they artistically carve through colourful variations of fresh fish and crisp vegetables with painstaking knife skills. And if this display isn’t impressive enough, they’ve got one more trick up their shelves: a miniature train that circumnavigates the bar, delivering food to the diners scattered around it. We’re not joking, there really is a train that rattles along the bar top with passengers of sashimi and nigiri. So, if your wildest dream is to have your food served to you by a tiny train - well, consider this your first and only opportunity to make it a reality!

Elsewhere, other visitors eat on traditional low tables, perching over their brightly coloured morsels of sushi from suspended Tatami mats. Set beside a wallpaper backdrop of a bucolic Japanese countryside scene, there’s a genuine feel to the entire space; real enough that you feel as if you’ve left the cityscapes of Birmingham far behind you, for a more rural slice of Japan. And with glowing lanterns swinging gently ahead, the atmosphere couldn’t be any better.

Sushi fiends, take note - Sushi Passion is the real McCoy.


Taking the whole gang? Get yourself a sushi boat.
Order the lychee flavoured Ramune soft-drink.
Always go for a handful of salmon nigiri.