Shogun Sushi Bar & Teppanyaki

Opening Times
Monday – Saturday12pm – 11pm
Sunday12pm – 10pm

0121 643 8800
The Cube, Level 7, Wharfside St, Birmingham B1 1RN
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Why we love it

Self-proclaimed caterers to connoisseurs of sushi and famous Japanese eats, Shogun Sushi Bar & Teppan-Yaki pull out all the stops to serve well-loved dishes in a unique and interactive setting.

One side of the space is dedicated to their sushi conveyor, where bright lidded bowls cruise around a table top. Inside each bowl, generous portions of sushi can be found in all forms: round maki rolls (order the Shogun Special), colourful sashimi and rich two-toned nigiri navigate from diner to diner on a long, family-style table before arriving at their final destination. It’s the sort of scene we all picture when we think of sushi bars; romanticised in Hollywood rom-coms and TV shows, it’s the sort of food joint we’ve all wanted to visit and now there’s no excuse not to. And it’s not all sushi - you’ll also find portions of crisp tempura goodness doing the rounds (including an outrageously good soft shell baby crab), fresh salad servings and warming Miso soup.

Shogun is also renowned for its Teppan-Yaki: their Japanese hot plate on which food is prepared and cooked in front of ever-watchful diners. At the Teppan, you can get your hot food fix: we’re talking Monkfish and asparagus cooked in a plum wine induced flame, sirloin steak charred amongst shredded mixed vegetables, and the most melt-in-your-mouth scallops we’ve had the pleasure of eating, tenderly grilled with julienne onions, red pepper, butter and soy sauce. It’s meat and fish heavy, but boy is it good.

Shogun’s whole experience is ingredient-driven. It’s a real stimulation for the sense, and a rare opportunity to see such a diverse range of eats being prepared, served and enjoyed in one space. Whether you’re there for a light-bite of sushi at lunch or a mammoth bowl of steaming ramen on a rainy day, Shogun Sushi Bar & Teppan-Yaki will make sure you get your fill.


Order the Shogun Special Maki.
As a main, it has to be the grilled scallops.
Don't forget to order a pot of hot sake.